Name: Dana
Birthday: 11.Dec.'91
Age: 5teen
City: Moers <3
Boyfriend? No ):
In love? Yes

her musik:

*Hip Hop (old School)
*LoveMatel (->HIM)

She loves:
-Friends--H&M--Music--Tea&Cookies--old VW-buses--Vans--romantic--Spongebob--candles/candlelight--Partys--Signs--postcards&letters--massages--to watch DVD on rainy winter days--Subway--Chucks--darkgreen--black--pictures--Shoes--nail polish--creativity--pink--cosiness--Becks green Lemon--concerts--caps--red-

She hates:
-wet feet--to be ill--long boring school days--Mces--cold feet&hands--run of the mill things/people--Latin--catwalk [store in Moers]--stress--loving a boy who doesn´t love her--"bitches"--fatty hair--just beer--lack space--[Heavy]Metal-



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